I cannot begin to tell you just how excited I am to start this year! I see many familiar faces, which is going to make this a great year, because I already know so much about our class! We are going to do some amazing things this year! I have some awesome new ideas that I think you are going to enjoy and will help us learn as much as we can! Your very first job is to come up with a screen name so that you can post ideas on this website in a safe way. Have an unbelievable year, and I am so glad I get the chance to work with you!

Mr. Linneman

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    Mr. Linneman's Class

    In this blog, I will post questions and/or ideas. I will then give the students in-class time to post their responses to the questions. Every post is sent to my email, and will not appear on the site until I have checked it. Students will create their own screen names to sign comments.


    August 2012